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Features of Cold storage top

What is Cold storage top

During the time when the vehicle is not in operation, the 380V (frozen) three-phase power electricity (industrial electricity) is used to operate the freezer to accumulate coldness from on cold plate. It is a freezing top that maintains the temperature inside the truck constantly by using the coldness accumulated in the cold plate without using any power source for the driving time of the vehicle.They are used worldwide for the transport of frozen foods because of the environmentally friendly advantages of using electricity instead of using a car engine or a separate engine such as continuous and constant temperature maintenance, low noise, CO2 gas emission reduction, energy efficiency, cost efficiency, long life of the vehicle, etc.

  • Extends vehicle life by operating independently of vehicle engine
  • Reduced fuel cost by 22.5% compared to a maneuver cold storage top
  • Using mobile refrigeration warehouse with independent freezer
  • Domestic invention patent Patent No. 0348990 COOL FLUID evaporator
  • Drying of products with constant natural convection chill
  • Environmentally friendly system

Electric Rechargeable Freezer (for freezing)

Existing (engine / sub type) freezing tower

Comparison with existing products


  • Cost Savings : Costs are reduced by 35% compared to sub-enegine method.
  • Temperature maintenance : Keeps the latent temperature constant without any power source.
  • Noiseless : No noise while driving.
  • 33 ℃ Low Temperature : Maintains an average of -25 ℃ when the ambient temperature is + 35 ℃ during the daytime.
  • It is possible to maintain the low temperature regardless of whether the engine is driven or not by the refrigeration system separated from the vehicle engine.


  • Charging time: It takes 8 ~ 10 hours to charge. Can not move while charging
  • Parking space : Need enough space for charging.
  • Internal space : Due to the cold storage plate mounting, the internal capacity is about 5% less than that of regular freezing vehicles.
  • Temperature setting : Temperature setting: The set temperature can not be changed.
  • Weight : By attaching the cold plate to the ceiling, the weight is increased by 20% compared to the general freeze top..

Major Customers

Ice cream maker

Aquatic products company

Transport company

Fresh food supplier

Overseas Competitors





Cold Car / Framec / Cofi


Johnson / Kidron / Carrier Compared to Italian makers such as Cold car, which has a dominant market share in the world market, and other overseas competitors, Its price competitiveness is 60 ~ 70% higher.