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Company History


Feb. Established Jinsung Refrigeration Machine (refrigeration equipment business)


Sep. Changed company name Jinsung Refrigerator Industrial (Capital: 400 million Wonn)


Jan. Moved factory to Sihwa Industrial Complex 3 Ma-711 in Chungwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

Mar. Development and production of freezing plate type freeze top. Obtained ISO / KSA9001 certification from military service privilege company. Started the cold storage freeze top development.


Registered as a producer of refrigeration machine


Apr. Introduced hot press 3.12 * 8.12 X 4 colum for urethane panel production


March. Acquired ISO / KSA 9001 certification


Mar. Started exporting cold storage type freeze top to Australia and Algeria


May. Selected as export promising small and medium company by Small & Medium Business Administration

June. Selected as a new technology venture company by Small & Medium Business Administration

July. Acquired ISO / KSA 14001 certification

Aug. Selected as INNO-BIZ company by SMBA

November. Awarded ‘Million Dollar Export Top’ on the 43rd Export Day


Feb. Selected as a company specialized in manufacturing parts (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

June. 2007 Selected as GOOD DESIGN (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

June. 2007 Selected as world-class product (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

Aug. Selected as a promising small and medium enterprise of Gyeonggi Province (Governor of Gyeonggi Province)

Sep. Established R & D Center in Gyeonggi Industry University, certified by Korea Industrial Technology Association

October Awarded a prize for the development of excellent capital goods (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


September. Acquired ATP certification in COCH, Poland


Apr. Moved factory newly to Pyeongtaek city (factory site 8,260 ㎡)


April. Acquired patent for Cold storage top for freezing car

October. Participated UT-PROGRAM in Gyeonggi Province (University of Texas at Austin)

Nov. Awarded a commendation from the Gyeonggi Province for Industry-University Industrial-Educational Cooperation Program


December. re-selected world’s best products (next generation)


October. Obtained green technology and green technology product certification

November. Received ‘3 Million Dollar Export Tower’ on the 50th Export Day


March. Selected as a green product specializing company


December. Awarded Grand Prize of Energy Industry


Nov. – Acquired Origin certified exporter certificate of Korea-EU origin

Dec. Selected as 2016 world-class product (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

500 annual production capacity of cold storage top (300 for domestic and 200 for export)