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How to use

How to use Cold storage top

1.  Please secure the parking space and install the electric facilities according to the installation instructions in the manual.
2.  Please check the closed state of each door of the Cold storage top.
3.  Connect the charge cable to the charge jack on the side of the control box.

4.  Make sure that the power indicator is lit.
5.  Check the temperature of the LED DISPLAY (digital thermometer) and the temperature of the dial thermometer on the top of the Cold storage top (temperature error range ± 5 ℃).
6.  Before starting operation, please check again that there is no leakage in the condensing unit and the cold storage plate.

7.  When all the checks are completed, turn on the Freezer switch on the side of the control box.
8.  After the switch is turned on, cold storage starts after about 15 minutes (Compressor warm-up time).
9.  Check if there is any abnormality for about 1 hour after the start of cold storage.
10.  Cold storage is automatically performed and stops automatically when the cold storage is completed (-33 ℃).

·  When cold storage is completed, turn off the power and disconnect / store the power charging cable and start operation.
– Operating time (average): 10 to 12 hours per day
– Charging time (outside temperature 30 ℃): 10 ~ 12 hours daily
·  You can increase the daily driving time Loading stuff and recharging after work.