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Product Features

Features of the self-assembly refrigerator

· Poly urethane sandwitch panel
Cutting-edge design with minimal assembly time and costs moving, reassembly, and expansion are very easy.
· Adjustable partition
One BOX can be easily divided into freezer and refrigerator. (Floor panel can also be split)

· Various surface materials
The surface material of ceiling, wall and floor panel is protected by PVC coated signboard, colored steel plate and aluminum to maintain sufficient strength, durability and clean sanitary condition and prevent corrosion.
· Various SIZE
It can be installed from the smallest size of 0.3 pyeong to a large warehouse.

Characteristics of freezing and cold warehouse

We Jinsung Refrigerator Industrial can make freeze warehouse according to customer’s requirement space.

· Completion of construction in the shortest time
· Self-assembly panel construction method

· Maximal effective space secure of freezing and refrigerate warehouse

· Maintain a beautiful appearance and cleanliness

· Optimized for agricultural warehouse in preparation for UR

CONVEYOR for Product transport

· Characteristic
– It is automatically transported from product transport vehicle to freezer warehouse without depending on manpower.
– Free goods warehousing and releasing
– It is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of the shop, using a special belt so that there is no abnormality even at below minus -25 ℃.
· Kinds
– Electric Belt Conveyor for freeze warehouse
– Electric Belt type Conveyor for outside of warehouse
– Free Conveyor for warehouse outside