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High quality urethane panel

Product Features

01. PRO-File Method
PANEL without deformation Using the same material (PVC, SI, SUS, etc.)

02. Fastener fastening method
Strong tightening ensures excellent thermal insulation.

03. Insert PANEL gasket
SEALING operation is not necessary after assembly.

04. Perfect Block Type Ceiling HANGER Construction Method
There is no heat transfer path at the HANGER connection.

Panel Floor Construction Blowing Ratio and Frost Formation on the Surface
(Relationship between Blowing Ratio and Thermal Conductivity )

PANEL floor method foam magnification and surface imaging

The rigid polyurethane form of insulator that is injected into the panel differs markedly in its performance due to the foam ratio.

Higher foam ratio reduces raw materials and reduces costs. However, since the weight is light, resistance to the load is weakened, and when it is cooled, the shrinkage is large, which causes the panel to bend. As shown in the right diagram, the thermal conductivity increases and the insulation performance deteriorates.

When selecting a refrigerator, please check the magnification and weight of the insulation. foaming of Jinsung is made within the range of foaming ratio of right chart.

Relationship between foamation ratio (specific gravity) and thermal conductivity계

About the surface frost formation of the panel

When installed in a place where ventilation is not possible due to high ambient temperature and high humidity, there is no frost formation on the surface of the panel, especially the bottom of the floor. This is not related to deterioration of the panel insulation performance, so 1, 2, and 3 are required when installing in a place with high temperature and humidity.

1. Install ventilation holes to improve ventilation.
2. Especially under the floor needs forced ventilation with a blower.
3. When forced draft is not possible, the drainage hole needs to be designed to dispense frost formation water.

The frost formation point of the panel is selected by the following formula.

Type Thickness Heat Transmission Rate (kcal / mh ℃)
R 43 0.394
M 50 0.342
L 75 0.231
F 100 0.175
X 125 0.141